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Aliza Grace

The page has finally been updated after a whirlwind 2006 for us.


We have relocated to Lancaster, PA where I now serve as Assistant Professor of Bible and Theology at Lancaster Bible College.


Matt, Valerie, and Aliza Blackmon (mouse over the name and click to email)

197 Hillcrest Lane

Elizabethtown, PA 17022




My Spring 2007 teaching schedule is as follows (mouse over the course for links to courseware):

FS106  F  Biblical Hermeneutics II        Blackmon        TR 10:00 AM
TH224 C  Christ, Holy Spirit, & Spirits Blackmon        TR 7:30 AM (yeah, time is right. Ugh)

TH224 D  Christ, Holy Spirit, & Spirits Blackmon        TR 12:10 PM
TH324 A  Church & the Future             Blackmon        MWF 10:00 AM

Mea Culpa: I did not realize so many of you used my home page as a jumping off point. I am now doubly embarrassed--one because it was so ugly and so used, and two because I steered many of you into the ditch by my changes. Until I can get everything updated, here is the link to "Old and Ugly". Sorry.


Last Updated January 20, 2007